ⓘ 122 (number)

122 (number)

ⓘ 122 (number)

It is a nontotient since there is no integer with exactly 122 coprimes below it. Nor is there an integer with exactly 122 integers with common factors below it, making 122 a noncototient.


1. In telephony

  • The police emergency telephone number in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The fire emergency telephone number in Austria
  • The traffic emergency telephone number in China
  • The police emergency telephone number in Egypt

2. In other fields

122 is also:

  • The Enroute Flight Advisory Service EFAS "Flight watch" frequency: 122.0 MHz
  • The atomic number of the chemical element unbibium
  • The number of men of Michmas at the census Bible, Nehemiah 7:31
  • 122 Leadenhall Street, also known as the Leadenhall Building, is a skyscraper in London that is 225 metres 738 ft tall. It opened in July 2014 and was
  • Gerda minor planet designation: 122 Gerda is a fairly large outer main - belt asteroid that was discovered by German - American astronomer C. H. F. Peters
  • system in 1931, initially numbered SR - 123 but changed to State Route 122 in 1933. One branch headed east along present SR - 122 the other turned south at
  • East 122 nd Avenue station at Wikimedia Commons Station information with eastbound ID number from TriMet Station information with westbound ID number from
  • A 122 may refer to: A 122 road England an unused designation A 122 road Malaysia a road in Perak connecting Kampung Masjid Baharu and Kampung Changkat
  • SL - 122 Bdzhilka Ukrainian: Бджілка, bee is a twin engine agricultural spray aircraft designed and built in Ukraine and first flown in 2010. The SL - 122

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