ⓘ Reisbach (Saar)

Reisbach (Saar)

ⓘ Reisbach (Saar)

Reisbach is a small town, belonging to the district of Saarlouis in the Bundesland Saarland.

The village was established on 1 April 1937, when two villages Labach and Reisweiler were joined together as "Reisbach".

Reisweiler first mentioned as "Radisville" in 1154. The German title "for" means "father of the city Council," which, together with the "-Ville" suffix meaning "farmland", yields the value of "Reisweiler" as "RADIS farmland".

The first written documents about Labach stems from the 13th century, when it was known under the name "Loupach" or "Loupbach". The name is composed from "Loup" meaning "foliage" German "Laub" and "Bach" means "stream".

The name of the consolidated village, thus means "RADIS Creek."

From January 1, 1974, Reisbach formed the community of Saarwellingen with and Schwarzenholz with a combined 14.000 inhabitants.

  • Rehlingen Primary school Gutberg Saarwellingen Astrid - Lindgren - School Reisbach Stefanschule Schmelz with Dependance Limbach Johannesschule Huttersdorf
  • 2008 since then, the children of Schwarzenholz have to take the bus to Reisbach where the Astrid Lindgren Elementary School is located. The place has
  • Homburg Borussia Neunkirchen 2 1 aet 3, 800 2008 09 Bous SV Elversberg SC Reisbach 7 0 2, 500 2009 10 St. Wendel SV Elversberg Borussia Neunkirchen 1 0 2, 500

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