ⓘ Inferno (1997 film)

Inferno (1997 film)

ⓘ Inferno (1997 film)

Inferno is a 1997 feature film directed by Fred Olen Ray starring Don Wilson, Deepti Bhatnagar and R. Madhavan. Evan Lurie, Michael Cavanaugh and Tane McClure appear in other pivotal roles.


1. Cast

  • Richard Hill as Trevor
  • Evan Lurie as Johan Davaad
  • Deepti Bhatnagar as Shalimar
  • Jillian Kesner as Jasmine
  • Tane McClure as Callista
  • R. Madhavan as Ravi
  • Michael Cavanaugh as Grayson
  • Don Wilson as Kyle Connors
  • Production, India, July 1996

2. Production

Don Wilson worked on the script of the film with director Fred Olen Ray and producers Ashok Amritraj and Sunanda Murali Manohar during early 1996, before beginning the shoot at MGR Film City in Chennai, India in July. Filming for the first time in India, Ray recruited local Indian actors including television actor R. Madhavan and actress Deepti Bhatnagar to portray roles in the project.


3. Release

The film is reported to have done average business as a result of its video release. The film was later dubbed into Tamil as Vegham in 2001, to capitalize on Madhavans new-found fame after Alaipayuthey.