ⓘ Fuqing


ⓘ Fuqing

Fuqing is a county-level city of Fujian Province, China, it is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Fuzhou.

  • Chinese: 漁溪站 is a railway station located in the county - level city of Fuqing Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, on the Fuzhou Xiamen Railway operated by
  • Mount Huangbo Chinese: 黄檗山 pinyin: Huangbo Shān is a mountain in Fuqing county of Fujian Province, in the East China region of the People s Republic
  • refer to: Yidu County, Shandong 益都县 former name of Qingzhou City Yidu, Fuqing 一都镇 town in Fujian Yidu, Yongchun County 一都镇 town in Fujian Yidu
  • Haitan Strait. Most of the nearby mainland is the county - level city of Fuqing administered as part of the prefecture - level city of Fuzhou. Pingtan is
  • Tian E 則天義 in 1860 Tan SauGuan 譚紹光 created Jian Tian E 建天義 in 1861 Ye Yenlai 葉芸來 created Sho Tian An 受天安 in 1857 Yang Fuqing Tiān Guo Zwi 天國志
  • Chinese: 蔡云辉 pinyin: Cài Yunhuī Hokkien: Chhoà Ûn - hui in Yinxi 音西 Fuqing in Fujian Province, China. He was the founder of Gudang Garam, a major Indonesian
  • Chen Zhangliang Chinese: 陈章良 born February 3, 1961, Fuqing Fujian graduated from the South China College of Tropical Crops now Hainan University
  • Type 908 replenishment ship Fusu class Type 905 replenishment ship Fuqing class Type 903 Archived from the original on 2014 - 03 - 19. Retrieved 2014 - 03 - 18
  • sea, because the first generation Chinese replenishment oiler Type 905 Fuqing class lacked of the capability to supply ammunition, so ammo ships are needed
  • Masakazu Motoki 端木 正和, Motoki Masakazu, born December 1971 in Fuqing China is a Chinese businessman who resides in Japan. He is the founder of Searchina

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