ⓘ SR Combat Organization


ⓘ SR Combat Organization

The Combat Organization was the terrorist branch within the Social Revolutionary Party of Russia. It was a terror sub-group that was given autonomy under that Party. In his memoirs, group member Boris Savinkov called the group the "Terrorist Brigade."


1. History

In 1902, Grigory Gershuni founded and led the group. In July 1904 they murdered the Russian Minister of the Interior, Vyacheslav von Plehve.

In 1904, Gershuni was arrested, and Yevno Azef succeeded him, with Boris Savinkov as his deputy. Azef, a double-agent in the employ of the Tsarist secret police Okhrana, changed the Terrorist Brigades mode of attack from firearms to dynamite. In its middle period 1903–1906 the brigades members included more than a dozen women and more than four dozen men - some nobles, honorary citizens, priests, and merchants. Most were 20–30 years old; 19 Jews, and two Poles. In 1908, Savinkov succeeded Azef, but the group disbanded shortly thereafter.


2. Members

  • Grigory Gershuni
  • Stepan Balmashov
  • Boris Savinkov also "Savinkoff"
  • Borishansky
  • Mikhail Melnikov
  • Ivan Kalyayev "Kaliaev" in the 1931 translation of Savinkovs Memoirs of a Terrorist
  • Sikorsky
  • Yevno Azef also "Evno" and "Azev"/"Azeff" and "Yevno Asiev"
  • Dulebov
  • Yegor Sazonov also "Egor" and "Sozonov"
  • Thomas Kachura
  • Karl Trauberg
  • Shveitser also "Schweitser"/"Schweizer"

3. Assassination efforts


  • 1902: Dmitry Sipyagin
  • 1904: Vyacheslav von Plehve
  • 1905:Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia
  • Nicholas Bogdanovich governor of Ufa
  • 1906: Vladimir von der Launitz

Failed assassinations

  • Nicholas Kleigels
  • Fyodor Dubasov
  • Konstantin Pobedonostsev
  • Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky

4. External sources

  • Albert Camus, The Just Assassins / Les Justes Paris: Gallimard 1950
  • Boris Savinkov, Memoirs of a Terrorist New York: Boni, 1931/ Воспоминания террориста 1917 LCCN 72-5616.