ⓘ Xingguo County

Xingguo County

ⓘ Xingguo County

Xingguo County is a county in south central Jiangxi province, Peoples Republic of China. It is under the administration of and located in the north of the prefecture-level city of Ganzhou, with a total area of 3.214.46 km 2. Its population was 719.830 at the 2010 census.

  • was a general in the People s Liberation Army of China. Chen was born in Xingguo Jiangxi Province. He secretly joined the Communist Party of China in 1925
  • mayor of Jiujiang, and the vice governor of Jiangxi. Zeng was born in Xingguo County Jiangxi Province. She graduated from Jiangxi University now Nanchang
  • the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television SARFT Born in Xingguo Jiangxi Province, Wang started working in September 1969, and joined the
  • Qin an County governs 5 towns and 12 townships, which govern over a total of 6 residential communities and 428 villages. Xingguo Town 兴国镇 county seat
  • in the county Baiquan 拜泉镇 Sandao 三道镇 Xingnong 兴农镇 Changchun 长春镇 Longquan 龙泉镇 Guofu 国富镇 Fuqiang 富强镇 Xinsheng Township 新生乡 Xingguo Township
  • 瑞金市 Counties Yudu County 于都县 Xingguo County 兴国县 Ningdu County 宁都县 Shicheng County 石城县 Huichang County 会昌县 Xunwu County 寻乌县 Anyuan County 安远县
  • Changde, Li County Hunan Yongfeng Township, Rucheng County Hunan Yongfeng Township, Xingguo County Jiangxi Yongfeng Township, Jiuzhaigou County Sichuan
  • Qiu was purged and sentenced to 16 years in prison. Qiu was born in Xingguo County Jiangxi Province on April 16, 1914. He was schooled in a local sishu
  • December 28, 2007, Dai resigned as mayor of Tianjin, and vice mayor Huang Xingguo succeeded him in this post. The secretary of the CPC Tianjin committee

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