ⓘ Type 037 corvette

Type 037 corvette

ⓘ Type 037 corvette

The Type 037 corvette is a series 400–500 ton corvette type classes in service with the Peoples Liberation Army Navy. Unlike western navies, the Peoples Liberation Army Navy does not have dedicated patrol boats in its inventory. Instead, a large variety of corvette type classes, in the form of missile boats and submarine chasers fulfill the tasks of patrolling Chinas territorial waters. The Egyptian Navy operates eight vessels.

  • The Type 010 class minesweeper is the Chinese versions of the Russian Soviet T - 43 class oceangoing minesweeper. Type 6605 is the Chinese version of the
  • The Type 025 torpedo boat, also known as the Huchuan or Hu Chwan class, was once the backbone of the People s Liberation Army Navy PLAN in its confrontations
  • The Type 082 class minesweeper is a Chinese People s Liberation Army Navy ship class. It is also known as Wosao class in the west, but the Chinese name
  • The Type 072 landing ship NATO designation Yukan class are large landing ships built by Shanghai - based Zhonghua Shipyard now Hudong - Zhonghua Shipbuilding
  • The Type 052 Luhu - class is one of the first modern multi - role guided missile destroyers built by China. There are currently two units in active service
  • The Type 072III landing ship NATO designation Yuting - I class is the follow - on of the Type 072II landing ships initially introduced in the 1990s by the
  • The Type 22 NATO designation: Houbei class missile boat is a ship class in the Chinese People s Liberation Army Navy. The first boat was launched in
  • The Type 092 Chinese designation: 09 - II NATO reporting name: Xia class submarine was the first nuclear - powered ballistic missile submarine SSBN deployed

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