ⓘ Delitzsch


ⓘ Delitzsch

Delitzsch is a town in the Free State of Saxony in Germany. With 24.850 inhabitants at the end of 2015, it is the largest town in the district of Nordsachsen.

Archaeological evidence outside the town limits points to a settlement of the Neolithic period. The first documentary mention of Delitzsch dates from 1166 and later became a voter, place of residence during the 17th and 18th centuries. The old town is very well preserved, with several squares, citizens and patrician houses, towers, castle in the Baroque style cities and fortifications.

Delitzsch and its surroundings contain ponds, walking and Cycling networks and nature reserves.

  • Siegfried Mehnert born 3 March 1963 in Schenkenberg, Delitzsch Bezirk Leipzig is a former amateur boxer from East Germany. He is best known for twice
  • Reuchlin, but it was lost for many years until rediscovered in 1861 by Franz Delitzsch The manuscript was included to the critical apparatus by Kurt Aland in
  • the Frankenhohe. The district maintains partnerships with the district Delitzsch in the Free State of Saxony and the Polish commune of Zamosc. Bevolkerung
  • castles, cities and districts of Merseburg, Plagwitz, Ruckmarsdorf, Delitzsch with Delitzsch Castle Bad Lauchstadt, Schkeuditz, Lutzen, Bitterfeld, Zorbig
  • commemorates and continues his work. The theologian and translator Franz Delitzsch who translated the New Testament into Hebrew, entrusted to Dalman the
  • clockwise Mansfelder Land, Bernburg, Kothen, Bitterfeld, the district Delitzsch in the Free State of Saxony, and the district Merseburg - Querfurt. The
  • Landkreise Urban district : Leipzig. Rural districts : Altenburg Borna Delitzsch Dobeln Eilenburg Geithain Grimma Leipzig - Land Oschatz Schmolln
  • approximately 9 kilometer north of downtown Leipzig and about 14 km south of Delitzsch The village was first documented in the year 1250 as Bodelwicz when on
  • Germany. It was bounded by from the north and clockwise the districts Delitzsch Torgau - Oschatz, Dobeln, Mittweida and Leipziger Land. The roots of the

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