ⓘ List of members of the 1st Northern Ireland Assembly


ⓘ List of members of the 1st Northern Ireland Assembly

This is a list of the 108 members of the first Northern Ireland Assembly, the unicameral devolved legislature of Northern Ireland established by the Good Friday Agreement. Members elected in June 1998 are listed, as well as those subsequently co-opted to replace those who had resigned or deceased. MLAs are grouped by party, and changes in party affiliation are noted.

  • Created under the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, both were initially nominated and appointed by members of the Northern Ireland Assembly on a joint
  • eight seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly It made breakthroughs in recent elections, placing third in first preference votes in the most recent European
  • Sinn Fein emerge as the largest parties in the Assembly List of Northern Ireland Executives Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly elected in 2007
  • Northern Ireland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom, although it is also described by official sources as a province or a region situated
  • 512, 842 1921 Irish elections List of members of the 1st Parliament of Northern Ireland Lynch, Robert 2015 Revolutionary Ireland 1912 25. Bloomsbury
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland PSNI Irish Seirbhis Poilineachta Thuaisceart Eireann Ulster - Scots: Polis Service o Norlin Airlan is the police
  • The only official flag in Northern Ireland is the Union Flag of the United Kingdom. The Ulster Banner was used by the Northern Ireland government from
  • Christianity is the largest religion in Northern Ireland As per the most recent 2011 census, the prevalence rates for the main religions are: Catholic
  • The Northern Ireland peace process is often considered to cover the events leading up to the 1994 Provisional Irish Republican Army IRA ceasefire, the

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