ⓘ Sopris, Colorado

Sopris, Colorado

ⓘ Sopris, Colorado

Sopris was an unincorporated community located in Las Animas County, Colorado, United States. The town is now under the surface of Trinidad Lake in Trinidad Lake State Park.

The United States post office in Trinidad ZIP code 81082 is now serving mailing address Sopris.

The community was named in honor of General E. B. Sopris, the local land owner.

  • precepts of Frederick Law Olmsted, but it was park commissioner Richard Sopris who managed the park from 1881 to 1891, who is considered the father of
  • in role - playing activities, and with the Sopris Theatre Company to take a production annually to the Colorado Theatre Festival. Student Activities Council
  • Morley Sopris Geography portal North America portal United States portal Colorado portal Mountains portal Outline of Colorado Index of Colorado - related
  • runs toward a single base area. Sunlight s summit offers views of Mount Sopris and the Elk Mountains. Alice McKennis b. 1989 World Cup racer in speed
  • Service in Colorado on August 25, 1905 with 990, 720 acres 4, 009.3 km2 It became a National Forest on March 4, 1907. On August 7, 1920 Sopris National
  • northwestern Pitkin County, Colorado six miles west of Carbondale, Colorado USA. The area is run by the non - profit Mount Sopris Nordic Council for the benefit
  • Canyon. Sopris S. T. 1 April 1909 Fifty Years Ago The Trail: 6. Smiley, Jerome 1913 Semi - Centennial History of the State of Colorado Lewis Publishing
  • structures. For Colorado sites, see Trinchera Cave Archeological District as well as the Apishapa culture and Sopris Phase articles. Sopris Phase Sophris
  • portal Colorado portal Mountains portal Outline of Colorado Index of Colorado - related articles State of Colorado Colorado cities and towns Colorado counties
  • territorial governor of Colorado first state governor of Colorado Denver mayor Jacob Schueler, co - founder of the Coors Brewery Richard Sopris mayor of Denver
  • Roaring Fork, the Crystal River. To the south the 12, 953 - foot 3, 948 m Mount Sopris dominates the view. A mile east of Highway 133, the valley floor widens
  • Glenwood Springs Middle School, Glenwood Springs Elementary School, and Sopris Elementary School. St. Stephen s Catholic School, which was founded in 1982

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