ⓘ Shunyi District

Shunyi District

ⓘ Shunyi District

Shunyi District is an administrative district of Beijing, located to the northeast of the citys urban core. As of 2014, the population of the district is around 983.000, of which approximately 601.000 have local residency permits. The Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the geographical boundaries of the district, though it is technically under the jurisdiction of Chaoyang district. Shunyi borders the Beijing districts of Pinggu to the east, Tongzhou to the south, Chaoyang to the southwest, Changping to the west, Huairou to the north, and Miyun to the northeast, as well as Hebei province to the southeast.

Shunyi has large communities of foreigners.

  • Subdistrict, Beijing, in Shunyi District See List of township - level divisions of Beijing. Shuangfeng Subdistrict, Harbin, in Acheng District Harbin, Heilongjiang
  • 天祝藏族自治县 or Tianzhu, of Wuwei, Gansu Tianzhu, Beijing 天竺地区 area of Shunyi District Beijing Tianzhu Chinese name of God 天主 the name of God, employed
  • area of Shunyi District Mapo, Luchuan County 马坡镇 town in Luchuan County, Guangxi, mapo China Mapo, Xuzhou 马坡镇 town in Tongshan District Xuzhou
  • Development Area Shunyi Caiyuan Industrial Area Shunyi Chengguan Industrial Area Shunyi Fulida Industrial Area Shunyi Hongda Industrial Area Shunyi Jinma Industrial
  • Kindergarten Chaoyang District Dawang Road Peking House Campus Shunyi District Arcadia Campus CBD Central Park Campus Chaoyang District Palm Springs Campus
  • in Jiangyou, Sichuan Shiyuan Subdistrict 石园街道 a subdistrict in Shunyi District Beijing Shiyuan Han Tombs 柿园汉墓 tombs from the Han dynasty in Yongcheng

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