ⓘ Steens Mountain

Steens Mountain

ⓘ Steens Mountain

Steens Mountain is in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Oregon, and is a large fault-block mountain, Located in Harney County, it stretches some 50 miles north to south, and rises from alongside the Alvord Desert at elevation of about 4.200 feet to a summit elevation of 9.733 feet. It is sometimes confused with a mountain range but is properly a single mountain.

Steens mountain wilderness covers acres 170.166 68.864 hectares of Steens mountain. 98.859 40.007 acres hectares of wilderness protected from free grazing cattle.

  • The Battle of Steen s Mountain was a battle during the Snake War. In response to Paiute attacks in Idaho, Lt. Col. George Crook led a punitive expedition
  • a larger Pleistocene lake that covered much of the valley, east of Steens Mountain Fields Denio Road runs along the east side of the lake. Inflow to
  • higher. The springs lie along the Steens fault zone, which runs north south through the Alvord Valley east of Steens Mountain The lake contains high concentrations
  • Route 205 and its population is approximately 12. Frenchglen is near Steens Mountain and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and is home to the historic Frenchglen
  • town in Harney County, Oregon, United States. It is located south of Steens Mountain and near the Alvord Desert. The community was named for Peter Andrews
  • fish in the Klamath Basin Klamath Water Crisis and the creation of Steens Mountain Wilderness and other preserves. He worked for the Oregon Natural Resources
  • small hot spring system at the north end of Alvord Desert just east of Steens Mountain and North of The 2 - 6 Hot Springs which are much larger but less known
  • for Kiger mustangs in the Burns District - Kiger and Riddle Mountain in the Steens Mountain area. DNA testing has shown that Kiger mustangs are descended
  • fault is not as massive as Steens Mountain however, it is tilted at a 45 - degree angle, a much greater angle than the Steens fault. This accounts for the
  • with other features is complex. At the BFZ s eastern end, near the Steens Mountain fault, the zone of surface faulting turns slightly to the south - southeast

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