ⓘ Steelworker (United States Navy)

Steelworker (United States Navy)

ⓘ Steelworker (United States Navy)

Steelworker is a United States Navy occupational rating.

Steelworkers perform tasks directly related to the manufacture and installation of fabricated structures, including steel reinforcement, control the operation of the site placement of materials and equipment to direct and coordinate the composition, training and efforts of crews who fabricate, assemble, install, installation, and joining of structural elements and finished sections, maintain individual combat readiness and perform tasks required in combat and disaster preparedness and elimination.

The senior chief petty officer rating steelworker merges with the Builder and ratings for engineering assistant. At this level they relate to senior chief Constructionman cucs.

On the Master chief petty officer, they call master chief Constructionman CUCM.

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  • Navy Steelworker at McMurdo Station, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island, 1967. Emerson, Mount Geographic Names Information System. United States Geological