ⓘ Personnel specialist

Personnel specialist

ⓘ Personnel specialist

Personnel Specialists:

  • Counsel enlisted personnel concerning Navy ratings, training, advancement, awards, educational opportunities, and the rights, benefits and advantages of a Navy career.
  • Utilize and maintain current publications and directives pertaining to personnel administration and operate associated ADP equipment.
  • Were established as a merger of Personnelman PN and Disbursing Clerk DK ratings on October 1, 2005.
  • Perform clerical and administration duties involved in maintaining personnel records, preparing reports and accomplishing accounting procedures.
  • Warfare Specialist insignia is a warfare qualification of the United States Navy. To be eligible to earn the Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist insignia
  • ceremonies, as required. Monitor and recommend religious affairs specialist personnel assignments and utilization to the command. Facilitate the CMRP through
  • Enlisted Fleet Marine Force Warfare specialist pin, a hospital corpsman, religious programs specialist personnel specialist along with some construction battalion
  • Air traffic safety electronics personnel ATSEP is an International Civil Aviation Organization term for the electronic engineers involved with the creation
  • Diving salvage warfare specialist is a United States Navy special warfare rating. The diving salvage warfare specialist program is for active and reserve
  • A clinical nurse specialist CNS is an advanced practice nurse who can provide expert advice related to specific conditions or treatment pathways. According
  • Retention Specialist is an enlisted Marine who is responsible to the immediate Commanding Officer for all aspects of retention of enlisted personnel in the
  • Expeditionary Warfare Specialist is a warfare qualification awarded to enlisted United States Navy personnel and United States Coast Guard personnel assigned to
  • The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection IBPS is a recruitment body that was started with an aim to encourage the recruitment and placement of young

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