ⓘ 600-ship Navy

600-ship Navy

ⓘ 600-ship Navy

The 600-ship Navy was a strategic plan of the United States Navy during the 1980s to rebuild its fleet after cutbacks that followed the end of the Vietnam War. The plan, which originated with Republican leaders, was an important campaign plank of Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential election, who advocated a larger military and strategic confrontation with the Soviet Union.

The actual number of ships reached 594 in 1987, before declining sharply after the end of the Cold war in 1989-1991.

The program included:

  • Keeping older ships in service longer.
  • Stepped up production of Nimitz -class aircraft carriers.
  • Recommissioning the Iowa -class battleships.
  • A large new construction program.

The idea was supported by John F. Lehman who became Reagan Secretary of the Navy, and Caspar Weinberger, the Reagan defense Minister.

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