ⓘ Wasserschutzpolizei


ⓘ Wasserschutzpolizei

The Wasserschutzpolizei is the water police that patrols the waterways, lakes and harbours of Germany around the clock. The WSP are part of the Landespolizei. The Federal Police maintains 16 patrol craft and helicopters are part of the Coast Guard and assigned to coastal BPOL stations. The watercraft include six offshore patrol vessels, e.g. those of the Bad Bramstedt class, as well as a number of fast inshore vessels and one tugboat.

  • the Landeskriminalamt lit. state criminal police office the Wasserschutzpolizei Water Police controlling traffic in the port of Hamburg, the
  • and coordinates investigations involving more than one Prasidium. Wasserschutzpolizei WSP The river police for patrolling rivers, lakes and harbours
  • Metropolitan Police launch on the River Thames in London Patrol boat of the Wasserschutzpolizei of Hamburg Germany A Chicago Police Department boat on Lake Michigan
  • inspectorates Volkspolizei - Inspektionen River Police Inspectorate Wasserschutzpolizei - Inspektion Fourteen district commands - one per East German District
  • Schifffahrtsamt Trier water and shipping office branch location Wasserschutzpolizei water protection police Mageba, a producer of textile machinery
  • area of the lakeside promenades. Because the adjacent lake police Wasserschutzpolizei der Stadt Zurich planned a new building, and the public access to
  • leaders who travelled great distances by automobile. Water police Wasserschutzpolizei was the equivalent of the coast guard and river police. Tasked with
  • he was reinstated into the police service, and transferred to the Wasserschutzpolizei in Schwerin, in the north of the Soviet occupation zone. Because
  • the Oberlandesgericht Koln Cologne Sankt Goar is the seat of a Wasserschutzpolizei station, which is responsible for the stretch of river between Bacharach

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