ⓘ Voghji (river)

Voghji (river)

ⓘ Voghji (river)

Voghji is a river on the south slopes of the Lesser Caucasus range, and is a left tributary of Araks. It flows through the territory of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In its upper reaches it has formed a deep canyon which, near the city of Kapan, turns into a wide valley. It is fed by a range of sources.

Along the banks lie the cities of Kajaran and Kapan.

On the river there are Kapans and Voghji hydro-electric power stations.

  • is situated at the centre of the town of Kapan, on the left bank of Voghji River At the beginning of 2017 the team temporarily moved to the Vazgen Sargsyan
  • challenging, as the published approach was for aircraft to fly into the nearby Voghji river valley, descend under the clouds and perform a left turn to line up on
  • Sanctuary, and the Zangezur Sanctuary, Major water basins include the rivers of Vorotan, Voghji Sisian, Meghri and Vachagan. Summer temperature can reach up
  • Aragats mass from the south. Akhurian River at the east, separates Shirak from the Kars Province of Turkey. Akhurian River with its reservoir is the main water
  • Aregnadem, Bandivan, Byurakn, Gtashen, Hovtun, Jradzor, Kamkhut, Meghrashat, Voghji Anushavan Municipality Rural Anushavan Arevshat Municipality Rural Arevshat

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