ⓘ Ivan Kupala (band)

Ivan Kupala (band)

ⓘ Ivan Kupala (band)

Ivan Kupala is a Russian music band from Saint Petersburg comprising Denis Fyodorov, Alexei Rumyantsev and Alexei Ivanov. The group mixes traditional Russian folk songs with electronic sounds, producing a unique blend of world music.


1. Discography


  • 1999 – Кострома / Kostroma
  • 2012 – Родина / Rodina
  • 2000 – Здорово, Кострома / Zdorovo, Kostroma remixes
  • 2008 – Родина сингл / Rodina Single
  • 2011 – Старый сингл / Stary Single
  • 2003 – Лучшие песни 96-03 / Best Songs 96-03
  • 2002 – Радио Награ / Radio Nagra
  • folk rock bands have songs about Koliada: Song of the Russian folk band Ivan Kupala called Kolyada Song of the Russian pagan metal band Arkona, called
  • 2014 Ukrainian revolution increasingly in daily life. On the day of Ivan Kupala young women placed their wreaths in the water with a lighted candle
  • nationhood for the Belarusians, was epitomized by the literary works of Yanka Kupala 1882 1942 and Yakub Kolas 1882 1956 The works of these poets, along
  • which a girl who finds a red colored rue which are normally yellow on Ivan Kupala Day, will be happy in love. Oksana played by Sofia Rotaru is a young
  • gods realised that their revenge was too cruel and repented. But to give Kupala and Kostroma a human body again was impossible, so instead they turned them
  • represented in many Russian folk songs. Sergey Nikolaevich Starostin Ivan Kupala band Pelageya Zhanna Bichevskaya Olga Glazova Music of Russia Laura J
  • beautiful. In Russia, they appeared as women who come out of the water on Kupala night and participate in the festival without harming anyone, and in harsher
  • Festival in Kiev, Ukraine, together with Ivan Kupala Lyapis Trubetskoi and Vopli Vidoplyasova bands In October 2000, Zdob și Zdub recorded
  • celebrate the feast of St. John from June 23 to 24 see St. John s Eve, Ivan Kupala Day while Modern pagans observe Midsummer, known as Litha among Wiccans