ⓘ Pinggu District

Pinggu District

ⓘ Pinggu District

Pinggu District, formerly Pinggu County, lies in the far east of Beijing Municipality. It has an area of 950 square kilometres and a population of 396.701. The district is subdivided into 2 subdistricts, 14 towns, and 2 townships. It borders the Beijing districts of Miyun and Shunyi to the north and west, respectively, Tianjins Jizhou District to the southeast, and in Hebei province, Xinglong County and Sanhe to the northeast and south, respectively.

  • Under construction Beijing - Binhai intercity railway Under construction Pinggu line Line 22 of Beijing Subway have 4 stations in Sanhe. The line is under
  • engravings decorate the surface of the tower. Destroyed by the 1679 Sanhe - Pinggu earthquake, it was rebuilt the following year, and restored again in 1976
  • Resident Committee. Data include urban population in Daxing, Pinggu and Huairou Districts Data refers to Metro Manila The Statistics Bureau of Japan
  • and opened on 21 August 2013. It oversees the district courts of Chaoyang, Tongzhou, Shunyi, Huairou, Pinggu and Miyun. Each court in Beijing has a corresponding
  • Tongzhou District 101100 Pinggu District 101200 Shunyi District 101300 Huairou District 101400 Miyun District 101500 Yanqing District 102100
  • Hae, JinHae, Kynungsangnam - do, South Korea TBD Jinhai Lake Resort, Pinggu District Beijing, China TBD Kalhaar Blues Greens Golf Club, Ahmedabad, India
  • District Donghulin of Mentougou District Shangzhai and Beiniantou of Pinggu District Zhenjiangying of Fangshan and Xueshan of Changping District
  • This is a list of current district - level leaders of Beijing, including Communist Party Committee Secretaries labelled Party Secretary and government

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