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ⓘ Husum

Husum is the capital of the Kreis Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The town was the birthplace of the novelist Theodor Storm, who coined the epithet "the grey town by the sea". It is also the home of the annual international piano festival Raritaten der Klaviermusik founded in 1986.

  • Schleswig - Holstein in German The camp is listed as No. 643 Husum - Schwesing, Kreis Husum in the official German list Archived 2009 - 04 - 23 at the Wayback
  • Charlotte Christiane Rosine Sophie von Krogh was born on 4 February 1827 in Husum in the Duchy of Schleswig. She was the youngest daughter of Godske Hans
  • Germany. Koldenbuttel lies in the Eider Treene - Losiny about 8 miles south of Husum and just west of Friedrichstadt at the confluence of the Eider and the Treene
  • Westerland - Niebull - Husum - Heide - Itzehoe - Elmshorn - Hamburg regional service Nord - Ostsee - Bahn Westerland - Niebull - Husum regional service Norddeutsche
  • state of Schleswig - Holstein. It is located on the Neumunster Flensburg and Husum Jubek - Schleswig Kiel lines. It is currently operated by Deutsche Bahn, which
  • Hubertus Neuschaffer: Schleswig - Holsteins Schlosser und Herrenhauser. Husum Verlag, Husum 1992, ISBN 3 - 88042 - 462 - 4. Peter Hirschfeld: Herrenhauser und Schlosser
  • a category 4 station. There used to be a direct line from Rendsburg to Husum via Erfde, as distinct from the current route via Jubek. A short section
  • Hamburg. North of Heide, the A 23 becomes B 5 and connects Eiderstedt, Husum and the ferries to the islands of Nordfriesland to the autobahn network
  • Andreas, ed. 1984 Die erschreckliche Wasser - Fluth 1634 in German Husum Husum Druck - und Verlagsgesellschaft. ISBN 3 - 88042 - 257 - 5. Nordstrander Geschichte
  • municipality of Copenhagen, forms, together with Husum the administrative city district bydel of Bronshoj - Husum in Denmark. Bronshoj lies on rising ground

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