ⓘ Werdohl


ⓘ Werdohl

Werdohl is located in the hills of the Sauerland, at a double meander of the river Lenne and its confluent, the Verse. The highest elevation is the Holzerne Klinke with 448.8m above sea level, the lowest is in valley of Lenne at the boundary to the city Altena with 162m. Werdohl shares borders with clockwise Altena, Neuenrade, Plettenberg, Herscheid and Ludenscheid. A large part of the area, about 19.2 km², is meadows and forests and is used for agriculture and forestry, followed by 3.18 km² of residential areas and 1.24 km² are commercial and industrial areas.

The city centre is located on the banks of the Lenne river and at the foot of the surrounding hills. In towns Versevorde, where the river verse flows into the river Lenne, Saint-Hippolyte, of Rhodt and Erlhagen.

Kettling lies in front of Lenne on the border in Sochi. Utterlingsen, Dresel and Elverlingsen are below Lenne towards the border in Altena.

The next verse from the above Versevorde in lüdenscheid, towns Osmecke, Pungelscheid, Kleinhammer, Eveking, Bärenstein and Oberborbecke located upstream in the valley Versetal verse or on the hills forming the valley.