ⓘ Gift (disambiguation)

Gift (disambiguation)

ⓘ Gift (disambiguation)

  • Gifts novel, one of the novels in the Annals of the Western Shore series by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Gift Kielland novel, an 1883 novel by Alexander Kielland
  • Gift visual novel, a 2006 Japanese visual novel and anime series

1. Computing

  • Gift video game, 3D platform game by Eko System
  • giFT, a file-sharing computer program
  • GIFT file format, the file format for storing multi-choice, short answer, matching and other questions

2. Film and visual arts

  • Gift TV series, a Japanese drama television series
  • Gift 1966 film, a 1966 Danish film
  • ".hack//Gift", an anime original video animation in the.hack series
  • Gift 1993 film, a 1993 film by Perry Farrell and Casey Niccoli

3. Music


  • Gift Kanjani Eight EP, 2009
  • Gift Curve album
  • Gift The Sisterhood album
  • Gift The Autumns EP, 2003
  • A Gift, an album by Canadian country singer Paul Brandt
  • Gift Taproot album, 2000


  • "Gifts" song, a 2008 R&B song by Ray J from his album All I Feel
  • "Gift" song, a 1997 song by Maaya Sakamoto

4. Acronyms

  • Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology, Pohang University of Science and Technology
  • Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, a proposed financial centre in India
  • United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking
  • The Global Institute for Tomorrow, a Hong Kong–based think tank
  • Global Internet Freedom Task Force, a US Government Internet foreign policy reporting mechanism
  • Gulf Islands Film and Television School GIFTS
  • Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, hypothesizing anonymity and an audience can be enough to compel undesirable behavior from otherwise normal people
  • Gamete intrafallopian transfer, infertility treatment

5. People

  • Gift Ngoepe born 1990, South African baseball player
  • Roland Gift born 1961, British singer and actor
  • Wayne Gift 1915–1998, American football player
  • Jassie Gift, South Indian singer and music composer

6. Other uses

  • Gift economy, an economic system in which participants give away things of value to the shared benefit of the community
  • Gift law, the legal aspects of property
  • Diplomatic gift