ⓘ Trap


ⓘ Trap

A trap is a mechanical device used to capture or restrain an animal for purposes such as hunting, pest control, or ecological research.

Trap or TRAP may also refer to:


1.1. Art and entertainment Films and television

  • The Trap 1966 film, Canadian/UK film by Sidney Hayers
  • Traps 1994 film, Australian film by Pauline Chan
  • Traps TV series, an American police drama
  • A Trap 1997, Polish film
  • Trap 2015 film, Filipino film
  • Trap TV series, a 2019 South Korean television series

1.2. Art and entertainment Music

  • Trap Henry Lau EP, or the title song feat. Taemin and Kyuhyun, 2013
  • Trap music EDM, a subgenre of electronic dance music that originated in the 2010s
  • "Trap", a song by Elizaveta from Messenger
  • Traps album, 2012 by Jaill
  • Trap Dead Man Ray album, 2000
  • "Trap" Shakira song feat. Maluma, 2018
  • "The Trap", a song from Good & Evil by Tally Hall
  • "The Trap", a song from Playland by Johnny Marr
  • Trap music, a subgenre of hip-hop that originated in the 1990s

1.3. Art and entertainment Other uses in art and entertainment

  • Trap pass, a manoeuvre in bidding at contract bridge; see Glossary of contract bridge terms#trappass
  • Treasury Relief Art Project 1935–39, a New Deal art project
  • Claptrap, a fictional character from Borderlands
  • Trap novel, a 1966 novel by Peter Mathers
  • Trap, a slang term used in the anime/manga community to refer to Otokonoko characters
  • Trap poker, a strategy
  • Trap room, a part of a theatre

2. Biology and medicine

  • TRAP law "Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers", a type of legislation used to restrict abortion providers
  • Thyroid hormone receptor-associated proteins TRAPs, transcriptional coactivators
  • Twin reversed arterial perfusion, a twin pregnancy abnormality
  • Trapezius muscle
  • Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase, a metalloenzyme involved in bone formation
  • TNF receptor associated periodic syndrome
  • trp RNA-binding attenuation protein, in bacilli
  • Tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic transporter, in prokaryotes
  • TNF-related activation protein, also known as CD40 ligand

3. Science and technology

  • Trap printing, a commercial-printing technique to overcome registration problems
  • Trap plumbing, a pipe to prevent the release of gases
  • Chemical trap, a chemical compound that is used to detect unstable compounds
  • Trap and trace device, records any number called by, or calling, a particular telephone
  • Petroleum trap, a geological structure that creates a petroleum reservoir
  • Trap computing, a code or signal designed to capture errors and reveal where they are
  • Trap rock, any dark-colored, fine-grained, non-granitic igneous rock

4. Sports

  • Triathlon Association of the Philippines, the governing body for the sport in the Philippines
  • Sand trap, a type of bunker golf
  • Neutral zone trap, an ice hockey defensive strategy
  • Starting Traps, the equipment that racing greyhounds start a race from
  • Trap shooting

5. Other uses

  • Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel, a U.S. military term for a rescue mission to retrieve a downed aircraft
  • Operation Trap, code name of a large-scale Soviet offensive operation against the Mujahideen supply base of Karkari-Sharshari
  • Tarap, Attock, a village in Pakistan
  • Trap door
  • Trap, Carmarthenshire, a hamlet in Wales, United Kingdom