ⓘ Free German Workers' Party

Free German Workers' Party

ⓘ Free German Workers Party

The Free German Workers Party was a neo-Nazi political party in Germany. It was outlawed by the Constitutional Court in 1995.


1. History

The FAP was founded in 1979 but was largely insignificant until the banning of the Action Front of National Socialists/National Activists in 1983 when Michael Kuhnen encouraged members to infiltrate this tiny group. A minor party around 500 members in 1987 it experienced something of a growth after German reunification and sought, unsuccessfully, an alliance with the National Democratic Party. It contested the 1987 federal election and the 1989 European elections although in both instances it attracted negligible support.

Associated with Strasserism, the FAP party managed to gain some support amongst football hooligans but was damaged by Kuhnens homosexuality, and took a stand against him. The party continued under Friedhelm Busse from 1989 but it lost a number of members to new groups loyal to Kuhnen, including the German Alternative 1989 and the National Offensive 1990.

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