ⓘ Mentougou District

Mentougou District

ⓘ Mentougou District

Mentougou District is a district in western Beijing. Spanning 1.321 square kilometres, with 266.591 inhabitants, it is subdivided into 4 subdistricts of the city proper of Beijing and 9 towns. It borders the Beijing districts of Changping to the northeast, Haidian and Shijingshan to the east, Fengtai to the southeast, and Fangshan to the south, as well as Hebei province to the west and northwest.

It is located in the Western hills of Beijing in a mountainous area. In fact, in mountainous terrain - including a hundred or more peaks occupy a stunning 93% of the total area.

It is a treasure trove of natural resources including coal, limestone and granite. Mentougou also supplies Beijing with agricultural produce such as roses, wild jujube, mushrooms, and Beijing white pears.

The district was purely rural, and in the early 1990-ies and were not considered in the framework of the Beijings urban population, and as of today, in many parts of Mentougou to stay in the countryside. The 6th Ring road cuts through the Eastern, more urbanized land Mentougou area.

Mining is one of the main types of industrial activities. About 10 medium to large mining companies once in Mentougou, but some of them ceased operations as the minerals have been exhausted. The first known mining activity in Mentougou were documented during the Ming dynasty.

  • Liu Heng was born in May, 1954 in Beijing. Liu s native place is Mentougou District Beijing. He attended the affiliated primary school and junior school
  • collaborated on the performance To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain in Mentougou District including Wang Shihua, Cang Xin, Gao Yang, Zuoxiao Zuzhou, Ma Zongyin
  • This is a list of current district - level leaders of Beijing, including Communist Party Committee Secretaries labelled Party Secretary and government
  • Liqiaozhen - Sanhui Bridge - Zhangjiawan - Majuqiao - Huangcun - Liangxiang - Mentougou - Zhaikou Wenquan - Xishatun - Gaoliying - Huosiying - Liuyuan Bridge
  • runs from Longquan West in Mentougou District to the Haidian Wuluju station on Line 6 Beijing Subway in Haidian District Public bus service in Beijing
  • 上岸 Shang an Station in January 2018 Location Shang an, Yongding, Mentougou District Beijing China Coordinates 39 54 18 N 116 07 20 E 39.905138 N
  • Liyuanzhuang 栗园庄 East façade Location Liyuanzhuang, Yongding, Mentougou District Beijing China Coordinates 39 53 45 N 116 07 24 E 39.89578 N 116.123254 E
  • Location of Mentougou District in the municipality
  • municipalities of the People s Republic of China, and is divided into 16 districts All of these administrative divisions are explained in greater detail

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