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ⓘ NxTier

NxTier, is an ASP company that provided software solutions to the logistics and supply chain industry. Using their VSC platform, the industry has visibility and control of their data virtually anywhere in the world at any time. The VSC platform is an ASP application deployed over the Internet. The platform allows logistic and supply chain industry providers to schedule and dispatch transportation management system, accept and transmit EDI, provide Web tracking functionality, manage orders with the OMS, perform business analytics and consolidate and optimize orders and loads.

The system was originally created specifically for the third-party logistics 3PL market. Later it was quickly adopted by the specialized delivery, home delivery and the less than truckload LTL markets. Today it has furthered it reach to full truckload carrier market, the service industry, dispatch and scheduling, retail build out, appliance and furniture as well as retail replenishment. As the internet became a more reliable platform NxTier positioned it VSC platform to compete in the EDI space to reduce or eliminate value added network VAN based fees. Nxtier VSC platform provides multiple components of an ERP system. It also provides interfaces to other platforms and systems.

The platform is Internet-based, ERP and can be accessed with any internet connection.

  • Execution Management System EMS.
  • The main components of the system.
  • Time Management T&,E. (Время управления Т&,Эл)
  • Transportation Management SystemTMS. (Управление Транспорта SystemTMS)
  • Load Optimization FOS. (Оптимизация нагрузки ФОС)
  • Online order Management System OOMS.
  • Scheduling SMS. (Планирование СМС)
  • Warehouse Management System WMS.
  • Integration & Execution Management IEM.