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Sektor Gaza was founded in Voronezh by Yuri Klinkskikh, also known as Yuri "Khoi". The group is named after an industrial district of Voronezh nicknamed Sektor Gaza due to its high levels of environmental contamination. Sektor Gazas first performance as a group occurred at the local rock club on 9 June 1988, but the groups official date of establishment is traditionally given as 5 December 1987, the date of Klinskikhs first solo performance of material from Sektor Gazas future repertoire at the Voronezh rock club.

In 1989, the group recorded the demo tapes Plugi-vugi Russian: Плуги-вуги, lit. Plows-woogie i.e., pun on "Boogie-woogie"and Kolhoznyj pank Russian: Колхозный панк, lit. Kolkhoz Punk.

In 1990, the group recorded the albums Zloveschie Mertvetsy Russian: Зловещие Мертвецы, lit. The Evil Dead and Yadryona Vosh Russian: Ядрёна Вошь, lit. Vigorous Louse in a professional recording studio in Voronezh. Klinskikh sold his motorcycle in order to afford to rent the studio.

In 1991, Sektor Gaza made their television debut, appeared on the popular programs 50x50 and Programma A Russian: Программа А on the Central Television of the USSR. The music video for "Kolhoznyj pank" Russian: "Колхозный панк", lit. Kolkhoz punk was shown on the youth program Do 16 i starshe. Russian: До 16 и старше., contributing to the groups fame across the country. In the same year, the group recorded the album Noch pered Rozhdestvom Russian: Ночь перед Рождеством, lit. The Night Before Christmas at the Mir studio in Moscow, and rerecorded the album Kolhoznyj pank at Gala Records.

In 1992, Sektor Gaza released their sixth studio album, Gulyai, muzhik! Russian: Гуляй, мужик! and toured extensively.

In 1993, the group released Nazhim na gaz Russian: Нажми на газ, lit. Hit the gas.

In 1994, Sektor Gaza released Kashchey Bessmertnyi Russian: Кащей Бессмертный, lit. Kashchey the Immortal, a punk-opera based on the famous Russian folklore figure. On this album, Klinskikh performed original lyrics to the melodies of songs by popular groups such as AC/DC, Queen, Ace of Base, and Nirvana. The album ranked in the top 10, and journalists called Sektor Gaza "a young promising group from the back of beyond".

In 1995, the group performed at the Rock Summer festival in Tallinn. They also toured Germany and Israel and gave a concert at the Gorbunov Palace of Culture.

In 1996, Sektor Gaza released Gazovaya Ataka Russian: Газовая Атака, which marked a change in the groups style and a move away from obscene lyrics. The music video for the track "Tuman" Russian: "Туман", lit. Fog off this album made it into the rotation of many Russian television channels.

In 1997, the group released Narcologichesky Universitet Millionov Russian: Наркологический Университет Миллионов, lit. Narcological University of Millions. The song "Pora domoj" Russian: "Пора домой", lit. Time to go home from this album became a hit.

In the summer of 1998, Klinskikh and Aleksey Bryantsev DJ Krot arranged some Sektor Gaza songs as techno remixes, which were released on the album Extasy in 1999. In November 1998, Sektor Gaza toured Russia.

In October 2000, the group released a new album, Vosstavshij iz ada Russian: Восставший из Ада, lit. Hellraiser. Klinskikhs health was in decline due to liver disease. On 4 July 2000, Klinskikh complained of strong pains in his stomach and the left side of his chest. He chose not to cancel a meeting later that day to film a music video for the song "Noch Straha" Russian: "Ночь страха", lit. Fright Night. He suffered heart failure shortly thereafter. Klinskikh died in Voronezh at the age of 35. He is buried in the Levoberezhniy Cemetery.


1.1. Discography Studio albums

  • 1991 - Ночь перед Рождеством The Night before Christmas
  • 1993 - Нажми на Газ Hit The Gas
  • 1994 - Кащей Бессмертный Kashchey The Immortal
  • 1996 - Газовая Атака Gas Attack
  • 1994 - Танцы после Порева Dancing after Sex
  • 1993 - Сектор Газа Gas Sector or Gaza Strip
  • 1997 - Сектор Газа Gas Sector or Gaza Strip
  • 1997 - Наркологический Университет Миллионов Narcological University for Millions
  • 1991 - Колхозный Панк Kolkhoz Punk
  • 2000 - Восставший из Ада Hellraiser
  • 1992 - Гуляй, мужик! Make Merry, Man!
  • 1990 - Ядрёна Вошь Vigorous Louse
  • 1990 - Зловещие Мертвецы The Evil Dead

1.2. Discography Compilations and remixes

  • 1996 – Избранное I Best of I
  • 1996 – Избранное II Best of II
  • 1998 – Баллады Ballads - contains calm rock ballads
  • 2015 – Вой на Луну Howl at the Moon
  • 1999 – Extasy 2 – Techno-style remixes by Aleksey Bryantsev DJ Krot
  • 2003 – Баллады II Ballads II
  • 2002 – Избранное III Best of III
  • 1999 – Extasy – Techno-style remixes by Aleksey Bryantsev DJ Krot

1.3. Discography Vinyl releases

  • 1993 – Нажми на газ Hit The Gas
  • 1991 – Колхозный панк Kolkhoz Punk

2. Music videos

  • 2000 - Ночь страха Fright Night
  • 1992 – Колхозный панк Kolhoz Punk
  • 1993 – Лирика Lyric
  • 1999 – Пора домой Time to go home
  • 1996 – Туман Fog

3. Band members

  • Igor "Egor" Zhirnov Chernyi obelisk, Rondo – guitar on albums only 1991–2000
  • Oleg Kryuchkov – drums – 1988–1990
  • Vitaly Suchkov – bass on concerts only – 1993
  • Elbrus Cherkezov – bass on album only – 1997
  • Vladimir Lobanov – guitar on concerts only – 1991–1993
  • Alexandr Yakushev – drums – 1989–1998
  • Yuri "Hoy" Klinskikh – vocal, texts, music – 1987–2000
  • Vadim Gluhov – guitar on concerts only – 1993–2000
  • Veronika Nekiforova – vocal on album only – 1998
  • Vasily Dronov – bass on album only – 2000
  • Vasily Chernykh – guitar on concerts only – 1995–1998
  • Semen Titievsky – bass – 1988–1991
  • Aleksey Ushakov – keyboards – 1989–1995
  • Igor Anikeev – keyboards – 1995–2000
  • Tatiana Fateeva – vocal – 1990–1993
  • Sergei Tupikin – guitar, bass – 1989–1993
  • Irina Puhonina – vocal on albums only – 1994, 1996
  • Igor Kuschev – guitar – 1989–1991
  • Valery Podzorov – bass on concerts only – 1997–1998

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