ⓘ Gentleman (disambiguation)

Gentleman (disambiguation)

ⓘ Gentleman (disambiguation)

  • The Gentlemen TV series, a Singaporean drama series
  • Galantuomini or Gentlemen, a 2008 Italian film
  • Gentlemen 2014 film, a Swedish film based on the novel by Ostergren
  • The Gentlemen 1965 film, a 1965 West German comedy drama film
  • Gentleman 2016 film, a Telugu film directed by Mohan krishna Indraganti starring Nani and Surabhi
  • The Gentlemen 2019 film, an Anglo-American film
  • Gentleman 1993 film, a Tamil film
  • A Gentleman, a 2017 Bollywood film
  • Gentleman 1989 film, a Bollywood film
  • Gentleman, a Kannada film
  • The Gentlemen, a group of demons in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV episode "Hush"
  • The Gentleman film, a 1994 Bollywood film

1. Books

  • Gentleman comics, a fictional Marvel Comics villain
  • Mr. Gentleman, a character in some novels by Edna OBrien
  • Gentlemen novel, a 1980 novel by Klas Ostergren
  • The Gentleman 1713–1714 a short-lived sequel to The Guardian
  • Gentleman magazine, an English language literary magazine published in India from 1980 to 2001
  • The Gentlemans Magazine, published in England from the 18th century until 1922

2. Music

  • The Gentlemen Dallas band, an American garage rock band from 1964-1968
  • The Gentlemen Seattle band, an American rock band from 1998 to 2001
  • Gentleman musician born 1975, stage name of German reggae musician Tilmann Otto


  • Gentleman Fela Kuti album, 1973
  • Gentlemen album, a 1993 album by The Afghan Whigs
  • Gentle Men, a 1997 album by Roy Bailey and Robb Johnson
  • Gentlemen Hair Peace Salon album, 2012


  • "Gentleman" The Saturdays song, 2013
  • "Gentleman", song from Paradise
  • "Gentleman" Lou Bega song, 2001
  • "Gentleman" Psy song, 2013

3. Sports

  • Gentlemen horse, an Argentinian Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Gentlemen cricket team 1806–1962, an English cricket team
  • the male sports teams of Centenary College of Louisiana

4. People

  • Gentleman Jim disambiguation, including a list of people with the nickname, the best known being
  • James J. Corbett 1866–1933, boxing champion
  • William Gentleman Smith 1730–1819, actor
  • Gentleman Reg, stage name of Reg Vermue, a Canadian indie rock singer
  • Gentleman John, a list of people with this nickname
  • Chris Adams wrestler 1955–2001, nicknamed "Gentleman", English professional wrestler and model
  • Henry Simms 1717–1747, aka "Young Gentleman Harry", an English thief and highwayman


  • Julia Gentleman born 1931, American politician
  • Jane Forer Gentleman, American-Canadian statistician
  • Allan Gentleman, Scottish swimmer
  • Tobias Gentleman fl. 1614, English mariner and writer
  • Robert Gentleman 1923–2005, British water polo player
  • David Gentleman born 1930, English artist and stamp designer
  • Mick Gentleman born 1955, Australian politician

  • Perfect Gentleman may refer to: Perfect Gentleman Helloween song 1994 Perfect Gentleman Wyclef Jean song 2001 A Perfect Gentleman 1927 film
  • Gentleman Jack may refer to: Legs Diamond 1897 1931 Irish American gangster during the Prohibition era Gentleman Jack Gallagher, English wrestler Anne
  • The Last Gentleman may refer to: The Last Gentleman film a 1934 film produced by 20th Century Pictures The Last Gentleman novel a 1966 novel by
  • Gentleman Jim may refer to: Jim Brough 1903 - 1986 English rugby union, and rugby league footballer, and coach Jim Cleary Australian footballer 1914 - 1993
  • The Amateur Gentleman is a novel. It may also refer to the following adaptations of the novel: The Amateur Gentleman 1920 film a British film The Amateur
  • Gentleman caller may refer to: Boyfriend The character in the Tennessee Williams play The Glass Menagerie 1944 and several Hollywood productions
  • A Gentleman of Leisure is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse. A Gentleman of Leisure may also refer to: A Gentleman of Leisure 1915 film a film directed by
  • A Gentleman of Paris may refer to: A Gentleman of Paris 1927 film a 1927 comedy silent film A Gentleman of Paris 1931 film a 1931 crime drama film
  • Kırıkkale Province of Turkey. Çelebi title Ottoman Turkish title meaning gentleman and a list of Ottoman subjects with the surname or title Çelebi tribe
  • Almost a Gentleman may refer to: Almost a Gentleman 1938 film a 1938 British comedy film directed by Oswald Mitchell Almost a Gentleman 1939 film